Do I Need Therapy?

I get asked that a lot. Let me share a secret with you … you’re in therapy already. Every moment of every day is therapy … an invitation to grow, be vulnerable, lean into hope, trust yourself, walk through pain or frustration. We are all in therapy from the moment our heart starts beating until we draw our last breath. Life is therapy.

When You Get Stuck

At this point, I’d be asking “So, why do you exist, Tim? Why do we even need therapists and counselors if everything is therapy?” A very astute question. The answer … the therapy of life can also be scary, hard, frustrating, and lonely. Sometimes the therapy of life we are invited to walk into is so daunting that we stop moving or start running away from the invitations. That’s when you need someone to walk with you. Therapy is for people who want to become the type of person who can walk through the struggles they are facing today and the struggles they will face in the future.

Invitation to Grow

Those fights you’re having with your partner, exasperation with your kids, frustration with your boss – all of them are invitations to grow. What does that growth look like? I don’t know. I’ve never met you. Each person is growing in their own direction. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. What I do know is that if you accept the invitation to grow, it will be worth it and you’ll come out the other side with a confidence and inner peace that you can’t get anywhere else.

When I say “growth”, most people assume they know what that looks like. If you’ve been working to “grow”, but feel like you’ve been going in circles, chances are you’ve got a blind spot and need help figuring out what growth looks like for you.

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